Nippon Steel Chemical
1956: The chemical division of Yawata Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was spun off to form Yawata Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (October 1, 1956).
1965: Sakai Plant started operation, marking the companyes advance into the Kansai area.
1968: No. 1 coke oven at Kimitsu Works started operation.
1969: The petrochemical aromatics (BTX) plant at Oita Works started operation.
1970: Along with the inauguration of Nippon Steel Corporation, the company name was changed to Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd.
1973: Sakai Phthalic Anhydride Plant started operation.
Nittetsu Chemical
1939: Nippon Pitch Coke Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.
1949: Company name was changed to Nittetsu Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

1984: Nippon Steel Chemical and Nittetsu Chemical merged to form the new Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd. (April 1, 1984).
1987: The company was listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1990: The company was relisted on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1991: The chemical division of Nippon Steel Corporation's Hirohata Works was transferred to the company and was established as Hirohata Works. A phenol/bisphenol A plant at Kyushu Works (Tobata) started operation.
1992: No. 2 polystyrene plant at Kimitsu Works started operation.
1994: A distribution center for methanol and other chemicals at Hirohata Works started operation.
1997: The capital was increased to ¥40,966.41 million through allocation of new stocks to a third party.
1999: The corporate organization was reshuffled and the divisional system was introduced; The head office was moved to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
2003: The company became a consolidated subsidiary of Nippon Steel Corporation and was delisted from the stock exchange; The capital was ¥5,000 million.
2006: The head office was moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2012: Nippon Steel Chemical became NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
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