Functional Resin Materials

Expanding already Extensive Operations from Japan to Asia, Supported by Proprietary Materials and Technologies

Major products
  • Styrene resins
    ESTYRENE® MS, ABS, AS, MBS, KM, SE (flame-retardant polystyrene)
  • K-RESIN®
  • Special functional resin ESALLOY® , ESBRID®, ESDASH®
  • Special hydrogenation compounds
  • Functional monomers
  • Functional oligomers

UV/ Thermosetting Resin Materials ESDRIMER®

Optical and Display Materials that Make Full Use of a High Heat Resistance, a High Refractive Index and High Transparency

Functional Resin Materials:ESPANEXFunctional Resin MaterialsDisplay MaterialsOrganic EL Materials
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