Production flow chart

Original Product Groups with a Rich Variety of Offerings Derived from Innovative Technologies Nurtured through the Fusion of Coal Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Basic product group (main applications)
  • Styrene monomer(Styrene resin)
Cracked gasoline Benzene
  • Divinylbenzene(Ion exchange resin)
Coal Crude light oil
  • Bisphenol A(Polycarbonate resin, epoxy resin)
Coal tar Tar acids
  • o-Cresol(Semiconductor encapsulant)
  • 95% naphthalene(Water-reducing agent)
  • Phthalic anhydride(Plasticizer, paint)
Soft pitch
  • Pitch coke
  • Pitch( Steelmaking electrode for steelmaking, specialty carbon product)
  • Carbon black(Tire-reinforcing material)

Original product groups employing aromatic chemical technology
Special solvents Hydrogenation technology
Fine chemical and custom chemical products Separation / refining technology, synthesis technology
High-performance synthetic lubricant , lubrication management Synthesis technology, analytical/diagnosis technology
High-purity industrial gases Separation / adsorption technology
Various kinds of high-performance resin, styrenic resin Compounding technology, high polymer design technology
Various kinds of high-performance epoxy resin Function design technology
PWB materials : ESPANEX® Synthesis technology, film / sheet-making technology, function design technology
Liquid crystal display material : ESFINE® Synthesis technology, material design technology
Organic EL material : LumiAce® High purification technology, molecule design technology
Newly-developed product (negative el ectrode material for LiB) Synthesis technology, molecule design technology